Events Management

Full Service Event Management

Hassle-free events start here. Ideascape MNL offers end-to-end event management services from conceptualization, styling, sourcing of suppliers, program development, promotions, and everything in between, we can handle your event from start to finish! We also provide you with a complete event management team to handle all the nitty-gritty details, so all you have to do is sit-back, relax, and enjoy your event. 

Event: National Innovation Day 2023

Client: United Nations Development Programme & National Economic Development Authority

Ideascape MNL handled the overall events management for the National Innovation Day 2023, including guest management, photo & video coverage, livestream, and program management. Ideascape also collaborated with Design Thinking Facilitators, led by Ms. Shumate Royo, who conducted the event’s workshop in the morning. 

Event: Philippine Orthopedic Center’s (POC) 75th Anniversary

Client: Philippine Orthopedic Center

For its 75th Anniversary, POC collaborated with Ideascape MNL to organize its series of events. From exhibits, conferences, fun run, and fellowship celebrations, Ideascape MNL handled end-to-end management, coverage, and program facilitation. 

Event: Bob Marley Fest Manila

 Bob Marley Fest Manila is a celebration of peace, love, and reggae music. We organized the overall components of the festival including event marketing, creatives, and over-all events management. 

Event Services

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